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Recent Statistics (7 days, Updated: 9/17/2013)

Newly spammed domains this week: 45146 (Instances: 437348)
Most reported domain this week:, (Instances: 12)
Domains repeatedly spammed this week: 313370 (Instances: 34139355)
ICANN Complaints so far this month: 0 (last month: 28, this year: 0)
Worst Registrar this week: ENOM (Domains: 27720, Instances: 2994803)
Worst domain owner this week: (Domains: 106, Instances: 28346)
Worst IP this week: (Domains: 547, Instances: 32331)
Total (CIDR) Networks Recorded: 19618; Unique ASN: 6118; Networks Missing Abuse Email: 10127, Phone: 1263, OR Contact: 3834
Worst Nameserver this week: DNS1.NAME-SERVICES.COM (Domains: 9744, Instances: 888522)
Most Port 43 Failures/Blocks:DYNADOT (983 instances)
RegistrarSpammed DomainsInstances
OwnerSpammed DomainsInstances
IPSpammed DomainsInstances
NameserverSpammed DomainsInstances

The Failure of ICANN Compliance and Your Spam

In May 2011 KnujOn began a comprehensive audit of the ICANN Compliance Process. After nearly two years ICANN has finally published the results. The audit used nine real rogue pharmacy domains advertised in spam to test the ICANN system. The results show specific failures within ICANN to enforce their contracts, which so far are unexplained. ICANN is asserting it does not have to answer questions about this situation. Please review this brief info-grapahic presentation which explains ICANN's role in Interent fraud, crime, and abuse.

{top} WHOIS Review and Beyond 3.7.8

KnujOn - Your Internet, Fixed, LLC is an independent, non-sponsored abuse handler and Internet security research company based in Boston, Massachusetts and Wilmington, Vermont. KnujOn accepts abuse data in the form of spam and other security threats to develop a clear picture of conditions facing the Internet. KnujOn builds profiles of online criminal groups, evaluates the quality of Registrars and Internet Service Providers, issues WHOIS challenges, documents policy failures, tests compliance mechanisms, issues reports to law enforcement, and educates the public about complex Internet security issues. We see our role as one of assisting the ordinary Internet user in navigating the complex technical bureaucracy of the global network and augmenting public services in the face of rampant illicit electronic traffic.

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