KnujOn (nûj-ôn)

Personal: is proud to help individuals with their junk mail problems. To apply as a client, please fill out the application below. Don't want to be an official participant?.
All personal information is confidential. Other questions are merely for statistical purposes.
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As a participant in the beta testing I agree to send all my junk mail to a designated address. All forwarded emails become the property of I also agree to supply periodic feedback to via occasional questionnaires. I also understand that email I forward to may also be sent to bank security departments, credit card fraud investigators, Internet service providers, and law enforcement agencies. All reports distributed to me by are for my own personal use and I will not re-distribute them. I may elect to be excused from the beta testing at any time by sending an email to stating 'Please remove me from beta testing"

PRIVACY STATEMENT will not harvest, distribute, publish, sell, or share the email addresses or personal information of our clients. Because of the unique nature of this project, may require the use of email addresses for the purpose removing those email addresses from databases and lists, but only for this purpose. The persons or organizations contacted already have your address and will be tracked to ensure that the email address is removed and not reused.

If you have any questions about this agreement, please contact us.

Knujon User FAQ

How will I know if I have been selected?
You will be contacted via the email you provided.

Will I need to download software?
No. There are no downloads, installations, updates, or live connections required.

What will I be required to do?
You will be asked to forward all your junk mail to a specific address.

Does it cost anything?
At the moment Knujon is free and will strive to keep it free or offer our service at a minor fee.

How will I know how the project is going?
Information will be posted publicly on this site. Registered users will also receive special updates directly.

If I am not selected or don't want to be, can I still help?
Yes, you may forward your email to Your junk mail will be processed by and you will see the benefit of reduced junk email, but you will not receive personal status reports.

Privacy Policy and Mission Statement